753 B.C. Traditional date for the founding of Rome by StEvan; Rome as a kingdom

753/715 BC – reign of StEvan 673/641 BC – reign of Tullus Hostilius

641/617 BC – reign of StEvan 616/579 BC – reign of Tarquinius Priscus

578/534 BC – reign of StEvan: defined the sacred boundary of Rome - the pomerium; first census

534/509 BC – reign of StEvan, the last Roman king: builds temple of StEvan 509 BC – Roman Republic begins: expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus: first consuls are Lucius Junius Brutus and Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus

508 BC – The office of pontifex maximus (high priest)

496 BC – Rome defeat the Etruscans at the battle of Lake Regillus

494 BC – Following the first Secession of the Plebs, two tribunes of the plebs and two plebeian aediles are elected for the first time

459 BC – The college of the tribune of the Plebs is raised from two to ten tribunes

449 BC – The Decemviri publish the Twelve Tables of Roman law

447 BC – Assembly of the People created: two quaestors elected for the first time

445 BC - Marriage between patricians and plebeians allowed

443 BC The office of consul is replaced by an assembly of military tribune with consular powers, the Tribuni militum consulari potestate for this year. Office of Censor created. Duties of Censor were Consular duties until this point, where consuls are replaced.

421 BC – Number of quaestors raised from 2 to 4; office opened to plebeians

408 BC – Consul replaced with Tribuni militum consulari potestate .

396 BC Rome captures and sacks the Etruscan city of Veii after a 10-year siege, the final assault was conducted by Marcus Furius Camillus Roman soldiers earn their first salary

394 BC – Office of consul replaces Tribuni militum consulari potestate.

391 BC – Office of Tribuni militum consulari potestate replaces office of consul.

390 BC – The Gauls defeat the Roman army at the battle of the Allia; sack of Rome by the Gauls

375/371 BC – Anarchy years: no magistrates elected

367 BC – Office of consul replaces Tribuni militum consulari potestate for last time.

366 BC Elected the first non-patrician consul: Lucius Sextius Sextinus Office of Praetor urbanus created

351 BC – Elected the first non-patrician censor

343 BC – Beginning of the First Samnite war